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A Tradition of Craftsmanship

The groves are carefully pruned and monitored throughout the year, and only when Josep, our experienced head of harvest, is satisfied that the trees are at their optimum, are the olives ready for harvest. The only additional irrigation is from fresh mountain spring water that has not been treated or recycled.


The hand-picked olives are taken directly to the mill, where they are washed in fresh mountain water and go directly to the press.


The oil is extracted using the latest 21st century mills and centrifuges, and at all stages samples are taken and kept for analysis.


At all stages Luis, who is in charge of the mill, and his team keep samples from all stages of production that are analysed, stored and sent to the DOP.


The oil is extracted with no additional heat, chemical process or refining and is separated from the pulp and the leaves using only water and gravity.


Stored underground in special olive oil vats, the oil is allowed to rest for a few days until it it then filtered for the last time and bottled.

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