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In the Kitchen

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the main ingredient in many types of dressing, from a typical vinaigrette to a punchier aioli. It is incredible on its own or combined with balsamic vinegar for dipping bread.


It is the tasty and healthy alternative to butter when used on toast, on vegetables and in many types of cooking, for example in pastry it works brilliantly.


Marqués de Guadalmina Arbequina oil is perfect for all these types of uses, as the subtle flavour doesn’t smother the other foods own flavour, and there is no greasy feel to the food nor a peppery hit one gets from many other oils.


On top of this our oil is wonderful to cook with. Sometimes, in cooking, olive oils can be too heavy in taste or fragile when heated, but our oil’s smooth taste and very high boiling point make it ideal for all types of cooking, be it frying, baking or roasting.

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