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Our Products

50cl bottles

Our 50 cl bottle comes in the very distinctive clear glass bottle, with its embossed label, patented pourer and elegant protective canister. Elegant enough for the any dining table, bottles can be washed and refilled from out tins. All bottles are individually numbered with the stamp of DOP Siurana. Bottles come in boxes of 6. While coloured glass filters light the oil can still be damaged, whereas our canisters ensure the perfect state of the oil is kept 100% protected from the damage of sunlight.


3 litre tins

For the economy of scale we have a 3 litre tin that is smartly designed in a distinctive gloss white finish with gold embossed logo. It has a specially developed interior skin that maintains oil in the original state and stops any possibility of reaction of the oil to the tin. We have an extra large pourer to stop glugging and each tin has the individually numbered stamp of guarantee of the DOP Siurana.


Other sizes

We can produce bottles or tins to any size, depending on the order. From 20cl samples to 5 litre tins .For individual events, special printing on bottles can be arranged. Pleased ask us for a quote.

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