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Scrambled Eggs and Spinach


4 free range eggs beaten

salt and pepper to taste

Big handfull fresh spinach

2 ajos tiernos (young garlic) finely chopped

2 slices walnut bread

4 slices smoked salmon

Put a generous amout of Marqués de Guadalmina Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a saucepan and add the spinach and the ajos tiernos and keep stirring while they cook so they don't burn. Once cooked (as soon as the spinach has lost its crispness) remove and put a bit more oil in the saucepan. Add the beaten eggs with salt and pepper to taste and keep stirring on a very low heat untill the eggs are cooked but still slightly runny. Serve immediately all together with a slice of walnut bread, some chopped chives and slices of smoked salmon (if you want the best peat smoked salmon try the Hebridean Smokehouse)

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