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Oven baked trout bathed in olive oil

A very easy and quick way to cook any fish.


- fresh trout, preferably wild. (Personally prefer smaller trout and one per person, but if you have a larger fish you can divide it up)

- lemon and lime juice

- some parsley

- a few cherry tomatoes

- loads of MdG EV Olive Oil

Pre-heat the oven to 180C. If the fish isn't clean, remove the guts and scale if you want. I prefer to leave the head on, but if you feel averse to looking your dinner in the eye, lop it off and pretend it fell out of the sky. Pop each fish on a large piece of aluminum foil, salt and pepper inside and squeeze a lemon and half a lime inside too. Then douse in olive oil and add some parsley and some tomatoes. Then fold up your aluminum parcel to keep the moisture in and pop in the oven. It shouldn´t take much longer than ten minutes, depending on the fish size.

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