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Superior Taste

“The small Arbequina is the jewel that gives Siurana’s Denomination of Origin its singular excellence. The Arbequina Olive adds softness, fluidity, complexity and elegance in its fragrance and a spicy detail in its taste.…A complete oil, without any defect, with body and persistent tasting sensations."


Well balanced and very smooth, this is a graceful oil that immediately conquers the palate.


All the delicious richness and aroma of Extra Virgin Olive Oil without the hard peppery aftertaste common in many varieties. 


While rich in flavour, it is wonderfully light in texture.


It is slightly fruity with no overpowering aroma or aftertaste. These qualities make it incredibly versatile.


It is fantastic on its own, to drizzle over salads and vegetables, or to blend with the most complex of cusines.


Although delicate in taste, this oil is strong enough for all types of cooking. Its high boiling point makes it the perfect Extra Virgin Olive Oil with which to fry, bake or roast without corrupting the flavour of the ingredients being cooked.


This soft, full bodied oil is like velvet on the tongue lacking any greasy feel common to other oils.


A subtle oil, it complements and brings out the best of flavours in all types of foods.


This noble oil evokes memories of freshly cut meadows, ripe tomatoes and almond orchards in bloom.

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