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The Area of Montsant

Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oils and its varied geography gives many of its olive oils their distinctive taste. The Montsant (from the old Arabic name Holy Mountain) region in north-east Spain is famous for the quality of its Arbequina olive.


Its rugged terrain shields the olive trees from the strong winds and winter frosts that can damage the olives and add bitterness. The result is the incredible smoothness and versatility of this exceptional oil.


Only centuries-old, traditional farming methods are used, and the only pesticide allowed is a copper solution first developed by the ancient Egyptians (blue vitriol.)


The steep terrain and narrow paths make most of the harvesting only possible by hand, allowing for a very direct and personal quality control.


The climate of the area brings just the right amount of rain on the Eastern winds, and any additional irrigation comes from fresh mountain spring water that has not been treated or recycled.


Olive oil manufacture is at the core of the community in Montsant, and benefits from local knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

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